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Humberstone Junior Academy Admissions Policy


Humberstone Junior Academy is a popular KS2 7-11 school.  It is an academy which was formed in August 2013 and as such the governors  are the admissions authority and have responsibility for determining admission arrangements within the statutory framework including consideration of the Admissions Code of Practice and the School Admissions Appeals Code.



1. Purpose


1.1  This document sets out the admission arrangements for Humberstone Junior Academy .  The document forms an Annex to the funding agreement between Humberstone Junior Academy and the Secretary of State.  Any changes to the arrangements set out in this document must be approved in advance by the Secretary of State.

1.2   Notwithstanding these arrangements, the Secretary of State may direct Humberstone Junior Academy to admit a named pupil to Humberstone Junior Academy.  Before doing so the Secretary  of State will consult the academy



2. Admission Arrangements

The admission arrangements for Humberstone Junior Academy for the year 2013/14 and subject to any changes approved by the Secretary of State for subsequent years, will be described as below:


2.1   Humberstone Junior Academy has an agreed admission number of 90 places per year group in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.  This allows for a maximum for 360 places in total across 4 year groups.

2.2   If Humberstone Junior Academy decides that is able to admit above its published admissions number it will notify the local authority in good time to allow the Local Authority to deliver its coordination responsibilities .  Before setting an admission number higher than its agreed number, the academy will consult in line with statutory regulations.

2.3   The capacity of the school is determined using a mathematical formula devised by the Department of Education.  The calculation takes into account all usable space.  The net capacity assessment for HumberstoneJuniorAcademy is 345



3. Process of Application


3.1   Applications for places at Humberstone Junior Academy will be made in accordance with the Local Authority coordinated admission arrangements and will be made on the common application form provided and administered by the Local Authority. 

3.2   Humberstone Junior Academy will take part in the coordinated admissions scheme in Leicester City , the timetable for which will be published annually by the Local Authority.  The publication will include details relating to the administration of late applications.



4. Consideration of Applications


Humberstone Junior Academy will consider all applications for places.Where fewer than 90 applications are received the academy will offer places to all those that have applied.



5. Procedures where Humberstone Junior Academy  is oversubscribed


Where the number of application for admission for admission is greater than the published admissions number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below;



After the admission of children with Statements of Special Educational Needs where Humberstone Junior Academy is named on the Statement the criteria will be applied in the following order;


1. Children in the care of a Local Authority and previously looked after children

2. Children who are on the ‘list of children subject to child protection plans’ and need to attend an alternative school to avoid the abuser.

3. Children who are both living in the catchment area served by the school and have brothers or sisters still attending the school at the time of their application and admission. Siblings must be attending the same or linked school but not the nursery.


The Linked Schools are: Humberstone Infant School and Humberstone Junior Academy


4. Other children living in the catchment area at the time of application and admission.

5. Children who do not live in the catchment area served by the school but who have brothers or sisters attending the school at the time of their admission. Siblings must be attending the same or linked schools but not the nursery.

6. Children of parents / carers fleeing ‘Domestic Violence’. (Subject to verification by a senior Social Worker or current City Council procedures for housing reallocation in cases of recognised domestic violence).

7. Other children whose parents have requested a place.

8. Children whose parents did not request a place by the closing date



Tie-break Criteria


Within each criterion, priority will be given to the children who live closest to the school.Distance will be measured on a straight line basis using a geographical measuring system measuring from the GEO measuring point from the child’s home address to the GEO code reference point to the school.In the unlikely event that two applicants within a category live exactly the same distance from the school and only one place remains, the place will be offered to one applicant on the basis on lots drawn by a Director from Humberstone Junior Academy who is not involved in the administration of school admissions.



Multiple Births


If the final place available at a school is offered to a twin or triplet and the remaining sibling would ordinarily be refused, places will be offered to the remaining sibling at the same school.



Operation of Waiting Lists


Where in any year, Humberstone Junior Academy receives more applications for places than there are available, a waiting list will operate. The list will be maintained by Humberstone Junior Academy and it will be open to any parent/carer to ask for his or her childs name to be placed on the waiting list following an unsuccessful application.


Children’s position on the waiting lists will be determined solely in accordance with the criteria set out in the over subscription criteria.Where places at the academy become available they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the same criteria. This implies that a childs name may go up or down on the list.At the end of the academic year, those on the waiting list will be contacted to determine if they wish to reapply for the following academic year and if applicable the child will be put on the waiting list for that admission year.



4. Arrangements for Appeals Panels


Parents have the right to an independent appeals panel if they are dissatisfied with a decision of Humberstone Junior Academy.The appeal panel will be independent of the academy and will be composed of 3 members who will include:


  • At least  one person who has no personal experience of Humberstone Junior Academy defined as a lay member
  • At least one person with experience in education

The arrangements for appeals will be in line with the school admissions appeals code of practice.

The determination of the appeals panel will be made in accordance with the Code of Practice on School Admission Appeals and is binding on all parties.

Parents will normally have 20 school days after notification of a place not being offered at the academy to lodge an appeal.

Parents wishing to appeal against an admission decision by the academy should send a completed appeal form to the clerk to the appeal panel at the address on the appeal form.Other documents / additional evidence may be submitted in support of an appeal and should be lodged with the clerk to the appeals panel not less than 7 days before the appeal hearing.At least 7 days before the hearing the academy will provide the parent with a written statement detailing the reasons why it has not been possible to admit the child.


For applications for in- year admissions, appeals must be heard in 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. For applications made in the normal admissions round appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.Parents will be given at least 10 school days notice of their appeal hearing.


Parents will be informed of the outcome of the appeal in writing within 5 school days of the hearing. In the case of unsuccessful appeals, the appeal panel will give the parents the reasons for not upholding the appeal.



Part 2- Annual Procedures for Determining Admission Arrangements




Humberstone Junior Academy will consult every 7 years, as required by the schools admissions code or sooner if there are proposed changes to its admission arrangements. 

When consultation takes place it will be by 1st March lasting for a minimum of 8 weeks in the determination year and will involve:


 a) parents of children between the ages of 2 & 18

 b) other persons in the area who in the opinion of the admissions authority have an interest in the proposed admissions.

 c) All other admission authorities within the relevant area, primary admission authorities, the Local Authority, any affected Local Authority in the neighbouring area.



Determination and Publication of Admission Arrangements


Following consultation the academy will consider comments made by those consulted.  Humberstone Junior Academy will the determine its admission arrangements by the 15th April by the relevant year and before the 1st May will notify those consulted of what has been determined.



Publication of Admission Arrangements


  • Humberstone Junior Academy will publish its admission arrangements each year once these have been determined by publishing details on school website. 
  • copies being sent to the offices of the Local Authority
  • copies being made available without charge upon request from the academy
  •  Copies being sent to public Libraries in the area for the purposes of being made available for reference by parents and other persons.



The Published Arrangements will set out


  • name and address of the Academy and contact details
  •  summary of the admissions policy including the over subscription criteria
  •  numbers of places and application for those places in the previous year. 
  • arrangements for hearing appeals



Representations about Admissions Arrangements


Where other admission authorities in the relevant area make representations to the Academy about its admission arrangements, the Academy will consider such representations.  Where the Academy and the other admission authorities cannot reach agreement locally, any admission authority in the relevant area may make representations to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will consider the representation and in doing so will consult the Academy. Where the Secretary of State judges it appropriate, the Secretary of State  may direct the Academy to amend its admission arrangements.

Other admission authorities in the relevant area have a right to ask the Academy to increase its proposed published admissions number for any year.  Where a request is made, but agreement cannot be reached locally, an admission authority may ask the Secretary of State to direct the Academy to increase its proposed admission number. The Secretary of State will consult the Academy and will then determine the published admission number.

The Secretary of State may direct changes to the Academy’s proposed admission arrangements where this is necessary to provide for those arrangements to be consistent with the provisions of admission law and the Statutory Code of Practice as they relate to maintained schools.


Proposed changes to Admission Arrangements by Humberstone Junior Academy after Arrangements have been published

Once the admission arrangements have been determined and published, the Academy should propose changes only if there is a major change in circumstances.  In such cases, the Academy must consult again those consulted under paragraph 1 above and must then reapply to the Secretary of State setting out:


a) The proposed changes

b) Reasons for wishing to make such changes

c) Any comments or objections from those entitled to object



Need to secure Secretary of State’s approval for changes to admissions arrangements

 The Secretary of State will, consider applications from the Academy to change its admission arrangements only when the Academy has consulted on the proposed changes as outlines in paragraph 1 above


Where the Academy has consulted on proposed changes and there have been no objections from other admission authorities, the Academy must still secure the agreement of the Secretary of State before any changes can be implemented.  The Academy must seek the Secretary of State’s approval in writing, setting out the reasons for the proposed changes and passing to him any comments or objections from other admissions authorities/persons


The Secretary of State can approve, modify or reject proposals from the Academy to change its admissions arrangements.


Records of applications and admissions shall be kept by the Academy for a minimum of ten years and shall be open for the inspection by the Secretary of State.