Humberstone Junior Academy

Year 6



Megan Ellis

Team Leader


Natalie Anderson


Amy Bott - Teacher

Amy Bott


Laila Watchorn - Teacher

Laila Watchorn


Welcome to year 6!

This year your teachers will be, Miss Anderson, Miss Watchorn, Mrs Haynes and Mrs Bott.
The teaching assistants that are working with year 6 this year are Miss Fergusson, Mrs Parmar and Miss Francis.
We are really excited about the work that we have planned for this term and are looking forward to the school year. 

In English we are starting the year reading picture books. We are looking closely at the images and the text and thinking about the characters, storylines, themes and ideas linked to the story. We are starting the term reading “The Wolves in the walls” by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. The book follows the story of a family and their daughter Lucy, when Lucy hears noises from behind the wall she tries to warn her parents that there are wolves banging about. But her parents don’t listen. When the wolves finally take over the house her parents realise perhaps they should have listened all along. 

In Project Based Learning this term as are doing a science project “What makes me human?”. We will be looking at what it is to be human, and whether humans could be replaced by robotics? The children will be studying the human body and how it works, evolution and inheritance. We will be thinking about how humans and other animals have evolved and what this might mean for the future. Alongside the Science work, the children will be looking at different artists, sculptures and pieces of art work – considering what they might represent and how. At the end of the project the children will be producing their own piece of art to reflect their thinking and answer the question – “What makes me human?”. 

In maths we are following White Rose and will be starting the year working on place value, number and will then move onto the four operations. We will recap previous learning and progress to looking at larger numbers. The early focus on number and place value will help children with the foundations of maths to support them throughout the year. 

In the Autumn term year 6 will be swimming for 10 weeks. Swimming will happen on a Friday morning and children will need to come to school prepared with a swimming kit. The children will also have PE on a Wednesday morning with Mr Duffy and will need their PE kit in school for this (no logos please). Please make sure that children have indoor and outdoor PE kits available as if weather permits we will go outside. 

Reading is a high priority for the school and to ensure that the children have the best chances at success it is important that they read every night for 10minutes. Children all have a school reading book and reading record where you can record this. The more practice the children have at reading out loud the better! Please make sure the children come to school prepared, with their reading record completed each day.

We are looking forward to a great year with year 6 and look forward to getting to know all of the children!

Find out all about the Year 6 Residential taking place in June 2022.
The document below explains everything you need to know such as the activities on offer, what to bring with you, the timetable, kit list, etc.
The residential is a great opportunity to develop life skills, learn how to be independant and work as a team, build friendships, and have fun! Plus lots more!

Year 6 Residential – Peak District