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Healthy Child Programme - Parent Drop In Sessions

Dear Parents/ Guardians,


My Name is Maria Grudgings and I am the Healthy Child Programme Nurse (school nurse) For Humberstone Junior School.

I will be holding parent meetings every month in school.

If you have any concerns or worries about your child’s health or development then you can make an appointment at the school reception to see me on this

Please be aware I can only offer 20 minute slots and that I am unable to diagnose or prescribe any medication.
Please be aware that if you have any language communication barriers that you will need to bring someone with you to interpret and support you.

If your child is ill or has an accident then you still need to seek the appropriate medical treatment at the time.

I will next be in school on Friday the 23 rd of February 2018

I will be able to see parents from 10.30 until 11.30am; you should book an appointment to see me with the staff on reception prior to the day

You can also find information and advice on our website healthforkids, for which the address is below.