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New Term Dates

Adjustment to School Term Dates

As you may be aware, the government has stated that the intention is for the majority of
children to return to Primary School before the end of term.


We are keen to make the most of the time this half term to help children catch up with their learning and get back into good routines ready for next term.
We have therefore decided to close for the summer holiday a week later than planned and shorten the summer break by a week.

We feel that this is in the best interests of the children and will help us to reduce the impact of another long break away from school.

We will now take the additional week in October to allow for a longer half term break during the Autumn Term which starts back very early this year in line with other Leicester City Schools.

Summer Term will now end on Friday July 17th 2020

Autumn Term will begin on Wednesday 26th August 2020

October Half Term Break: Monday 19th October until Friday 30th October 2020