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Statement of internal control 2015






Scope of Responsibility


As trustees, we acknowledge we have overall responsibility for ensuring that HUMBERSTONE JUNIOR ACADEMY (the “Academy Trust”) has an effective and appropriate system of control, financial and otherwise. However such a system is designed to manage rather than eliminate the risk of failure to achieve business objectives, and can provide only reasonable and not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss.


The trustees have delegated the day-to-day responsibility to the head teacher, as Accounting Officer, for ensuring financial controls conform with the requirements of both propriety and good financial management and in accordance with the requirements and responsibilities assigned to it in the funding agreement between HUMBERSTONE JUNIOR ACADEMY and the Secretary of State for Education. They are also responsible for reporting to the trustees any material weaknesses or breakdowns in internal control.


The Purpose of the System of Internal Control


The system of internal control is designed to manage risk to a reasonable level rather than to eliminate all risk of failure to achieve policies, aims and objectives; it can therefore only provide reasonable and not absolute assurance of effectiveness. The system of internal control is based on an ongoing process designed to identify and prioritise the risks to the achievement of Academy Trust policies, aims and objectives, to evaluate the likelihood of those risks being realised and the impact should they be realised, and to manage them efficiently, effectively and economically. The system of internal control has been in place in HUMBERSTONE JUNIOR ACADEMY  for the period ended 31 August 2015 and up to the date of approval of the annual report and financial statements.


Capacity to Handle Risk


The trustees have reviewed the key risks to which the academy trust is exposed together with the operating, financial and compliance controls that have been implemented to mitigate those risks. The trustees are of the view that there is a formal ongoing process for identifying, evaluating and managing the Academy Trust's significant risks that has been in place for the period ending 31 August 2015 and up to the date of approval of the annual report and financial statements. This process is regularly reviewed by the trustees.


The Risk and Control Framework


The academy trust’s system of internal financial control is based on a framework of regular management information and administrative procedures including the segregation of duties and a system of delegation and accountability. In particular, it includes:


 comprehensive budgeting and monitoring systems with an annual budget and periodic financial reports which are reviewed and agreed by the trustees;

 regular reviews by the Finance and General Purposes Committee of reports which indicate financial performance against the forecasts and of major purchase plans, capital works and expenditure programmes;

 setting targets to measure financial and other performance;

 clearly defined purchasing (asset purchase or capital investment) guidelines.

 delegation of authority and segregation of duties;

 identification and management of risks.


The trustees have considered the need for a specific internal audit function and has decided not to appoint an internal auditor. The trustees have appointed Mrs K Harvey as Responsible Officer (‘RO’). The RO’s role includes giving advice on financial matters and performing a range of checks on the Academy Trust’s financial systems. On an annual basis, the RO reports to the trustees on the operation of the systems of control and on the discharge of the trustees’ financial responsibilities.





Review of Effectiveness


As Accounting Officer, the head teacher  has responsibility for reviewing the effectiveness of the system of internal control. During the period in question the review has been informed by:


 the work of the external auditor;

 the work of the Responsible Officer;

 the financial management and governance self assessment process;

 the work of the executive managers within the Academy Trust who have responsibility for the development and  maintenance of the internal control framework.


The Accounting Officer has been advised of the implications of the result of their review of the system of internal control by the Finance and General Purposes Committee and a plan to address weaknesses and ensure continuous improvement of the system is in place.


Approved by order of the members of the Governing Body on 15th September 2015 and signed on its behalf by:





NAME Mr Phil Goulding                                                         NAME  Miss Annemarie Williams

Chair of Governors/Directors / trustees                                             Accounting officer