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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Miss Hart, Miss Hollis and Miss Chaudhry are the teachers in Year 3 along with Miss Holford, Mrs Sutton, Miss Briggs, and Mrs Russell working with us too.

We will be updating this page to tell you all about our learning in Year 3 this year and the fun things we are doing in school. :)

You can also keep up to date with what we have been up to on our twitter pages! Follow us for all the excitement.


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Novel Study


We have started the year with a focus on Into the Forest by Anthony Brown. In our first lesson, we looked at different clues to discover what the story was going to be about. We have since looked at dialogue and created our own page for the story! 


Next term we will move on to our first short novel which is James and The Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  The children will be excited to see our immersive classrooms that turn into giant peaches, gardens, houses and New York City! 




Throughout Maths in Year 3 we will be covering number and place value, and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), money, measure, shape and fractions. The children love working with the practical equipment to help them embed concepts and they love to challenge themselves through problem solving.

Project Based Learning


Our current project is based around the question, "How would my life be different if I lived in the Victorian Times?" This project has allowed us to learn all about the Victorian Era, including Queen Victoria as well as looking at rich and poor children and how their lives differed to ours.  During the launch of our project, we immersed the children in a Victorian school lesson to give them an idea what school was like back then. It is safe to say they are glad school is not like that now! We have also been on an exciting trip to Beaumanor Hall and discovered who owned Beaumanor and gained an insight to what it was like for the servants working there.

What learning can you do at home?


  • We encourage children to read every night for at least 5 minutes to build on their fluency. Read to an adult and discuss what you have read and predict what might happen next!
  • Practise your times tables! Each child has a times table rockstars account that has timetables set for them. How many coins can you earn?
  • Spellings are given out on a Monday and we have a spelling test the following Monday. It is super important that you practise your spellings every day at home!
  • Both Learning Log and Maths homework are given out on Friday and is due in the following Wednesday. Homework based upon the learning that has taken place at school during the week. If you have any problems, please come and speak to a teacher before the homework due in! We are happy to help.