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Year 5

Hello Year 5 

Even though we are not in school at the moment, learning is still very important! Below is our daily timetable that we would like you follow, whilst are not in school. Underneath is our weekly timetable, which will be updated every week with an overview of our online learning.

Remember to check Google Classroom daily for the assignments that we set and we will also post a copy of that week's work on here as well.

We will miss you lots but look forward to seeing you soon!


To access Google Classroom, you will need your username: 

Your username is: The first letter of your first name, your Surname, followed by 13@humberstoneacademy.co.uk 

For example:  ehart13@humberstoneacademy.co.uk 

Password: playground1



Daily Timetable

Weeks 13 and 14 timetables

Weeks 13 and 14 timetables  1
Weeks 13 and 14 timetables  2

We understand that home learning can be challenging at times so here is a list of other activities and ideas you can do to keep busy at home! 



Websites for Home Learning

Websites for Home Learning 1


Storytime 1

Useful websites for home learning 


Here is a list of useful websites to use if you require additional material. 











Being active at home is more important than ever before! We recommend you play outside at break and lunch time as this will benefit you massively. Fresh air is very important and can make you feel so much better so make sure you get lots of it! Here are some websites that you can use to help you to stay active but you could also come up with your own routine too!. Remember to tweet them in to your teacher!







Welcome to Year 5!
Mrs Fagan (Year 5 Team Leader) Miss Joshi and Miss Sheikh are the teachers in Year 5 and Miss Thiraphouth, Miss Francis, Mrs Guesford, Mrs Odedra and Miss Ferguson all work with us too - we are a very busy year group and very lucky to have so many wonderful staff!

We will be updating this page to tell you all about our learning in Year 5...watch this space!


Novel Study

We started the year with a picture book study - reading "The Viewer" by Shaun Tan and the children loved the intricacy of the illustrations on each page.


We have also studied 'Skellig'. This 'chilling' novel took us on an adventure with the main character to discover the truth behind the mysterious being in the garage. We've enjoyed analysing themes, descriptive language and authorial intent.


In the Spring term, we will be reading The Butterfly Lion my Michael Morpurgo following Bertie the Lions life from the African plains to the French circus!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone?  Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!


Project Based Learning

Our first project was based around the question, "Richard III: Hero or Villain?" - We have been exploring the local history connected to Richard III and developing our critical thinking skills through research. We've debated and formed our own opinions of whether we believe he was a victorious king or a murderous villain.


In the spring term, we will be exploring a world full of mechanisms and exploring different types of forces. We will be studying some of the most influential scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei to understand gravity and its effects!

Help at home!


There are many things that you can do at home that will really help you in school!


- Read at home every night for around 15 minutes

- Talk about the stories you are reading, who are the characters, what are they doing and why are they making those choices?

- Read a range of text, we all have a favourite author, but it is best to read different types of books!

- Practise your times tables! Inside out, back to front and upside down! Do you know them backwards?

- Practise your mental maths skills... How quickly can you add two numbers? What about taking away?

- Make sure your homework is completed on time and to a high standard each week, remember to ask the teacher if you are unsure.