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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page!


Mrs Ellis, Miss Anderson, Mr Norris and Mrs Haynes are the class teachers in year 6, and are expertly supported by Mrs Parmer, Mrs Garner and Miss Guessford. 


We will be updating this page to keep you up to date with what is happening in year 6. 


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Novel Study

So far, we have studied 'Black Dog' by Levi Pinfold. The story is about the Hope Family, who see the silhouette of a Black dog growing bigger and bigger outside their house. No one is brave enough to face their fears but the youngest member of the Hope Family, Small (for short). We explored themes of bravery, resilience and fear through predictions, setting descriptions and story writing. 



Currently, we are studying 'Wisp' by Zana Fraillon, supported by the award winning illustrations of Grahame Baker Smith. Through the eyes of a Refugee child, we explore the importance of hope and memory in a world of tents and fences. 



Next term, the children shall be exploring 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. The children will follow Stanley's journey as a wrongfully convicted criminal, who is sent to Camp Green Lake juvenile correctional facility to be punished for his crimes. We will explore formality in our writing through the creation of information texts and newspaper reports. Stay tuned to see what happens in our next novel!


Finally, we will to reading "Trash" by Andy Mulligan. It follows the journey of Raphael, a dumpsite boy, who finds an unexpected item in a dumpsite.


Enrichment Projects- Autumn Term


Our first project this term led on from some fantastic examples of Summer Projects, with the driving question: What impact has Covid 19 had on the wider world? We used atlases to locate different areas which have been affected both positively and negatively and presented our findings in a letter to Ms Sultana. 

More recently, we have been exploring the world of the Ancient Greeks, considering how people's beliefs change over time. We enjoyed researching different Gods, Myths and Legends to expand our knowledge of this crucial era in history. 


Currently, we are learning all about the great artist Pablo Picasso. We have been learning all about the child prodigy and his fantastic career as an artist. The children have been using his techniques to draw portraits and shall be presenting their knowledge through a Non-Chronological Report and a final piece of artwork. We can't wait to see them!



Throughout the year, the children will be working hard to understand many concepts of Mathematics. This will include: number, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics. These are very broad areas within the curriculum, which we will break down into weekly sessions that the children can build on their previous learning and move them forward. Please support your child with their homework each week as it does recap on the learning that has taken place that week.

Our Summer Project!

STORY TIME! Scan this to access books read by the teachers at school



As you are aware, the children are assessed at the end of KS2 to demonstrate their ability in reading, spelling, grammar, writing, and mathematics.

This information is carried forward to their Secondary school placement. For these children, this is the first of many assessments that determine their future and we encourage all the children to work as hard as they can in their final year at Primary school, so that they can shine when they leave us in July.

Below is a website that will help your child become more familiar with the assessments that will take place in the Summer term. Please support your child as much as possible, and if there is anything we can do to help just let us know.