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Year 6 Remote Home Learning

Hello Year 6 smiley

Even though we are not in school at the moment, learning is still very important!

Below is our daily timetable that we would like you follow, whilst are not in school, to help you keep a routine at home. 

There is also our weekly timetable, which will be updated every week with an overview of our online learning.

Remember to check Google Classroom daily for the assignments that we set and we will also post a copy of that week's work on here as well.


We do understand that sometimes the home learning tasks set can be overwhelming to complete with your child. Therefore we have created a list of alternative ideas for home learning, which you can find below. Please do have a look and have a go at any that you like the look of! Underneath the copies of our online learning tasks, we have included a section of useful websites that you can look at, whilst you are at home. Please do have a look at these, as they are filled with useful resources to help you with your learning.  


We hope to see you soon,

Mrs Bott, Miss Anderson & Miss Smith 



Story time

STORY TIME! Scan this to access books read by the teachers at school

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons


On the BBC Bitesize website, there is a new Daily Lessons page for every year group. 

Click on the Year 6 icon and it will take you to a weeks worth of lessons, including Maths, English and a range of Foundation subjects. 

Each lesson has the date shown at the top, allowing you to work in an order throughout the week. 

This is a great online resource to use if you are struggling to access the home learning that we are providing. 

Also, these lessons will also be shown each day on the TV, either by pressing the red button or watching on BBC iPlayer. 

Calling all Mathematicians!

Useful websites for home learning










Being active at home is more important than ever before! We recommend you play outside at break and lunch time as this will benefit you massively. Fresh air is very important and can make you feel so much better so make sure you get lots of it! Here are some websites that you can use to help you to stay active but you could also come up with your own routine too!. Remember to tweet them in to your teacher!







Welcome to the Year 6 page


Mrs Bott, Miss Anderson and Miss Smith are the class teachers in year 6, and are expertly supported by Mrs Roach, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Parmar, Mrs Garner, Mrs Sykes and Ms Osbourne. 


We will be updating this page to keep you up to date with what is happening in year 6. 


Don’t forget that TWITTER is also used for sharing photographs, videos and important information.

Follow your class at:

6AB @HJAMrsBott

6NA @HJAMissAnderson

6LS @HJAMissLSmith


Novel Study

So far, we have studied 'The wolves in the walls' by Neil Gaiman during the first half of the Autumn term. The story is about Lucy, who hears wolves hustling, bustling, crinkling and crackling in the walls of the old house where her family lives.  However, no one believes her. The children have created some beautiful writing around this.


During the second half of the Autumn term, we enjoyed studying 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. The children thoroughly enjoyed following Stanley's journey as a wrongfully convicted criminal, who is sent to Camp Green Lake juvenile correctional facility to be punished for his crimes. We explored formality in our writing through the creation of information texts and newspaper reports. 


Next term, we are going to begin reading "Trash" by Andy Mulligan. It follows the journey of Raphael, a dumpsite boy, who finds an unexpected item in a dumpsite. Stay tuned to see what happens in our next novel!


Project Based Learning - Autumn Term

Our project this term was based around the question, "How can we keep the memories of WW2 alive?"

We have been exploring history, locally and globally, connected to World War 2 and developing our critical thinking skills through research. From our research, we found memories that we wanted to keep alive, as we feel that they are worth sharing and preserving. We used the memories to create a piece of writing, but also a multimedia piece that reflected the message of the memory. 


In the spring term, we will be exploring the world of insects! We are going to be looking at how insects have adapted over time to suit their habitat. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you!




Throughout the year, the children will be working hard to understand many concepts of Mathematics. This will include: number, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics. These are very broad areas within the curriculum, which we will break down into weekly sessions that the children can build on their previous learning and move them forward. Please support your child with their homework each week as it does recap on the learning that has taken place that week.



As you are aware, the children are assessed at the end of KS2 to demonstrate their ability in reading, spelling, grammar, writing, and mathematics.

This information is carried forward to their Secondary school placement. For these children, this is the first of many assessments that determine their future and we encourage all the children to work as hard as they can in their final year at Primary school, so that they can shine when they leave us in July.

Below is a website that will help your child become more familiar with the assessments that will take place in the Summer term. Please support your child as much as possible, and if there is anything we can do to help just let us know.

Check out our scoundscapes that we created to go with the text...

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