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Dyslexia Gold

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What is Dyslexia Gold?
Dyslexia Gold helps children read, write, and spell, along with learning their times tables.
Dyslexia Gold’s programs are online. The programs can be played on either a laptop, computer, or iPad,
except Engaging Eyes. Engaging Eyes only works on a laptop or a computer.

Each program takes around 10-15 minutes to play and should, if possible, be played daily. The programs
finish themselves and return to the home page where they can select another program to play or log off.

Engaging Eyes is designed to help your child focus both eyes on the same point and track across the page.
There are several games in Engaging Eyes and your child should have 3D glasses to wear when they play
target practice.

Fluency Builder is helping your child hear the different sounds in words, like the g-oa-t in goat. Your child
will be playing lots of activities and reading passages to help improve their reading.

Reading Unlocked is for younger readers or children who are finding phonics difficult. It is multi-sensory,
and your child will be asked to write, speak, and read so they will need a pen/pencil and paper.

Spelling Tutor is a spaced repetition-based program that teaches over 1,000 of the most common words
in the English language. It is used across all abilities and does not mean your child is finding spelling
difficult. Your child will need a pen/pencil and paper as they write whilst playing Spelling Tutor and mark
their own work.

Times Table Tutor is designed to help children have rapid recall of their times tables. It is based on
Singapore maths and is a calm, distraction free learning environment.

How do I logon to Dyslexia Gold?
Children will have been given login details at school.
They can login with those details on the Dyslexia Gold website: