Humberstone Junior Academy

Year 4



Louise Smith

Team Leader


Georgia Flude



Stephanie Shannon



Welcome to Year 4!

The teaching staff this year are Miss Smith (4LS), Mrs Matthews (4GM) and Miss Shannon (4SS). We are assisted by Miss Mistry and Mrs Solanki. We are looking forward to an exciting term with some wonderful novel studies and projects ahead!



We are starting the year by studying a new picture book “The Wolf’s Secret” by Myriam Dahman and Nicolas Digard. We will be studying the language, illustrations and themes of the text and use it as a stimulus for delivering objectives for both reading and writing. The story follows the relationship between a wolf and a young girl who lives in the forest. As the title suggests, the wolf has a secret. What will happen if it is discovered?



In maths we are following White Rose and will be starting the year working on place value, number and will then move onto the four operations. We will recap previous learning and progress to looking at larger numbers. The early focus on number and place value will help children with the foundations of maths to support them throughout the year. 



Our project for the first half term is “How can we keep our local Roman history alive?” We will study the Roman invasion and the impact it had on life in Britain at that time. Through historical enquiry we will discover some of the ways of everyday life and then focus on Leicester in further depth. We will learn about what the city was like in Roman times and consider why so little of this history is visible or well-known today. At the end of the project, the children will conduct walking tours, explaining to the public what life was like and pointing out Roman remains and landmarks. 



This term Year 4 will be learning gymnastics and will also have PE on a Wednesday with Mr Duffy. Please ensure their PE kit is in school all week for this (no logos please) as timetables may change every now and then due to weather etc. Children should have indoor and outdoor PE kits available as if weather permits we will go outside.  



Reading is a high priority for the school and to ensure that the children have the best chances at success it is important that they read every night for 10minutes. Children all have a school reading book and reading record where you can record this. The more practice the children have at reading out loud the better! Please make sure the children come to school prepared, with their reading record completed each day.